Sunday, January 11, 2009

Divisional Playoff Results

Another strong week in the playoffs, this time going undefeated and getting all four games correct. That is right, I went 4-0 and I am now 7-1 over the playoffs. Of course, I only bet 40% of my pile so the returns are not as high as you might expect. Still, it is great to see such success since reverse engineering.

(301) Baltimore Ravens +3 (-120) Sat@3:30p Win
(303) Arizona Cardinals +10 Sat@7:15p Win
(305) Philadelphia Eagles +4 Sun@12:00p Win
(308) Pittsburgh Steelers -6 Sun@3:45p Win

Weekly Record: 4-0
Playoff Record: 7-1
Overall Record: 92-77-5 (54.44%)
Record since reverse engineering: 35-20-1 (63.63%)
Weekly Return: 35.59%
Cumulative Return: -41.53%

1 comment: said...

Great job. We should have competed. Both 7-1!

Keep it up.