Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tom Luginbill (Scouts Inc./ESPN) and I Agree Garrett Gilbert = God

That is right, I had the pleasure of watching a Lake Travis game in person this year and saw first hand how good Garrett Gilbert is. I plan on following his career now that he is going to Texas. So expect periodic updates on his status. I really felt like he was better than some college QB's I was watching this year, of course I was also stuck with watching Indiana games so I might be bias. The final disclaimer: I also was a big fan of Kevin Orie when he was on the Cubs and predicted big things for him.

Future holds national titles and Heismans for Class of '09


Brian Pollina said...

Having already been converted to the House of Gilbert, I am glad to see Tom Luginbill jump on board. I'm no Texas fan, but I'll change my stripes for a few years to root on this kid... then watch the Lions draft him and ruin his career. Damn you Detroit!

CubsDynasty said...

It should line up well for him. McCoy will be a Senior next year and his back-ups will both be Juniors. So he could be starting in three years at the worst and I expect him to be starting in two years.

depth chart: http://texas.rivals.com/cdepthtext.asp