Friday, October 16, 2009

Week 5 Review

When you go 2-8 the week before almost any result can be better. Still, I have had the second week below .500 in a row which is not a trend I can afford to keep up. One mistake I am still making is believing teams with "good offenses" will come around. Lets call this the Dallas Cowboys mistake for lack of a better reason. Sure you expect the Cowboys to score against the Chiefs but their offense has struggled all season and their defense has also underperformed. The Patriots also fall under this category. You will go poor quickly if you keep expecting the team to magically reach their hype, follow the trend. The Texans and Jets were both close losses that could have gone either way. The problem is that I can't keep whining about bad beats, sure in theory I should start getting a few breaks but those breaks could all come in Week 16 when I am betting a few pennies on each game.

(401) Minnesota Vikings -11 Sun@11:00a WIN
(405) Washington Redskins +4½ Sun@11:00a WIN
(413) Cincinnati Bengals +8½ Sun@11:00a WIN
(425) Indianapolis Colts -4½ (-105) Sun@6:20p WIN
(403) Dallas Cowboys -8½ Sun@11:00a LOSS
(409) Oakland Raiders +16 Sun@11:00a LOSS
(418) San Francisco 49ers -3 (-105) Sun@2:05p LOSS
(419) New England Patriots -3½ (EVEN) Sun@2:15p LOSS
(421) Houston Texans +5½ Sun@2:15p LOSS
(427) New York Jets -2 (-115) Mon@6:35p LOSS

Weekly Record: 4-6 (40%)
Overall Record: 28-28 (50%)
Spread: 26-24 (52%)
Over/Under: 2-4 (33%)
Weekly Return: -23.21%
Cumulative Return: -48.65%

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