Friday, October 2, 2009

Week 3 Review

Another positive week, that is three in a row. This time the late games were just icing on the cake and once again I won them both and finished the week at 8-4. The Vikings and Steelers losses were both tough. The Vikings probably roll over the 49ers if they don't block the FG for a touchdown. The Steelers gave up a number of fourth down plays to Carson Palmer on his last drive for the Bengals to win. Another unsuccessful over/under and I wasn't even close. I need to keep an eye on my over/under bets because I am only 2-3 making them. I was a little worried about taking so many favorites but my favorite bets were 6-2.

(403) Jacksonville Jaguars +4 (-115) Sun@11:00a WIN
(408) Baltimore Ravens -13½ (-105) Sun@11:00a WIN
(409) New York Giants -7 Sun@11:00a WIN
(413) Green Bay Packers -7 (-105) Sun@11:00a WIN
(419) Chicago Bears -2½ Sun@2:05p WIN
(427) Denver Broncos -2 Sun@2:15p WIN
(429) Indianapolis Colts +2½ Sun@6:20p WIN
(432) Dallas Cowboys -9 (-105) Mon@6:35p WIN
(416) Minnesota Vikings -7 (EVEN) Sun@11:00a LOSS
(417) Atlanta Falcons +4 Sun@11:00a LOSS
(421) New Orleans Saints vs. (422) Buffalo Bills Over 51½ Sun@2:05p LOSS
(425) Pittsburgh Steelers -4½ (-105) Sun@2:15p LOSS

Weekly Record: 8-4 (66.7%)
Overall Record: 22-14 (61.1%)
Spread: 20-11 (64.5%)
Over/Under: 2-3 (40%)
Weekly Return: 30.58%
Cumulative Return: 62.22%

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