Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Regular Season Results

It's been a difficult year but I feel like I learned a lot and I did finish above .500 on the season. I think the reverse engineering has been the most effective way to look at the games. Still, the Titans and Colts game is a perfect reason why you need to read a preview or two. I had no idea that Sorgi and V.Young were going to play most of the game at QB. Knowing this I would have moved away from the game and never bet the over. It was not the first time I heard about an injury or change after I already made the bet. Below are the results:

(301) Oakland Raiders +13 Sun@12:00p Win
(307) New York Giants +7 (-115) Sun@12:00p Win
(313) St. Louis Rams +14 (-105) Sun@12:00p Win
(322) Pittsburgh Steelers -11 Sun@12:00p Win
(325) New England Patriots -6 Sun@12:00p Win
(328) Arizona Cardinals -7 (-105) Sun@3:15p Win
(303) Detroit Lions vs. (304) Green Bay Packers Under 43 Sun@12:00p Loss
(309) Chicago Bears +3 (-120) Sun@12:00p Loss
(315) Kansas City Chiefs +3 (-125) Sun@12:00p Loss
(317) Jacksonville Jaguars +11 Sun@3:15p Loss
(319) Tennessee Titans vs. (320) Indianapolis Colts Over 39 Sun@12:00p Loss
(331) Denver Broncos +8 Sun@7:15p Loss

Record: 6-6
Overall Record: 85-76-5 (52.8%)
Record since reverse engineering: 28-19-1 (59.6%)
Weekly Return: -3.86%
Cumulative Return: -62.87%

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