Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week 16 Results

Things were looking really good during the early games where it looked like I was going to go 5-0. Than the Chiefs decided to completely melt down at the end of the game. The Eagles absolutely fell apart in their game against the Redskins. They had 6 drops and at least three of them would have been touchdowns. Still, good teams find a way to win and make plays. They ended up coming 6 inches short of tying the game. The Panthers loss was another tough loss. They had a lead most of the game and even when they let the Giants tie the game I felt comfortable giving 3.5. Even when the game went into overtime I felt comfortable. Of course, the Giants scored a TD to cover in overtime. I saw absolutely nothing of the Raiders game but it seems when a team has a very good #1 WR and goes against the best CB in the league it usually is a problem for the offense. The Panthers also struggled against the Raiders. This may just be the Asomugha rule but something to remember for next year. Still, despite a few bad breaks I still went 6-4 on the week and continue my above .500 record for the year.

(103) Baltimore Ravens +6 Sat@7:15p Win
(106) Tennessee Titans +3 (-115) Sun@12:00p Win
(111) Cincinnati Bengals +3 (-135) Sun@12:00p Win
(115) 49ers vs. (116) Rams Under 42½ Sun@12:00p Win
(127) Buffalo Bills +6 (-115) Sun@3:05p Win
(129) San Diego Chargers +4 (-115) Sun@12:00p Win
(108) Kansas City Chiefs +4 (-115) Sun@12:00p Loss
(113) Philadelphia Eagles -6 (-105) Sun@3:15p Loss
(121) Carolina Panthers +3½ Sun@7:15p Loss
(125) Houston Texans -7 (-115) Sun@3:05p Loss

Record: 6-4
Overall Record: 79-71-5
Weekly Return: 12.23%
Cumulative Return: -61.38%

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