Monday, September 15, 2008

Week 2 Review

Week 2 was absolutely nuts. I don't know if this was due to me having an interest in every game but I felt like every game turned at some point in the second half. Games that I thought I had no chance in, ended up as covering and the exact opposite also happened (thank you Saints). This just helps my theory even more that any game could be determined by a fluke play and your only chance for survival long term is to play a large sample size of games. Also, I would like to say hello to our random Australian visitor, I hope he comes back to view the site. I am passing on the Monday night game because I ended the week, barely, up. The key problem I ran into was paying -115 to -120 on games. I bet the same amount on every game but does it make more sense to bet every game so I win the same amount? I can see the pro and cons of both arguments and would be interested in your thoughts.

Here are the results:
(195) Indianapolis Colts -2 (-115) Sun@11:00a Win
(199) Green Bay Packers -3 (-125) Sun@11:00a Win
(205) Buffalo Bills +175 Sun@11:00a
(213) New England Patriots Pick Sun@2:15p Win
(220) Cleveland Browns +6½ Sun@6:15p
(202) Carolina Panthers -3 (-120) Sun@11:00a Push
(217) San Diego Chargers +1 Sun@2:15p
(193) Titans vs. (194) Bengals Over 37 Sun@11:00a Loss
(197) New Orleans Saints -1 (-115) Sun@11:00a Loss
(204) St. Louis Rams +9 Sun@11:00a
(207) Atlanta Falcons +250 Sun@2:05p

Record: 5-4-2

Weekly Return: 11.11%

Cumulative Return: 7.34%

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