Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 4: Actual Bets

Thought I would post the actual bets that I made. The only change was going to the money line on the 49ers. I really think they have a shot at beating the Saints and the +170 is to hard to turn down. I have picked a number of underdogs, probably the most I have picked all season. Picks below:

(217) Eagles vs. (218) Bears Under 40 Sun@6:15p

(215) Washington Redskins +10½ Sun@2:15p

(214) Oakland Raiders +8 Sun@2:05p

(211) Buffalo Bills -8½ Sun@2:05p

(209) Green Bay Packers Pick Sun@11:00a

(205) Atlanta Falcons +7 (-115) Sun@11:00a

(203) San Francisco 49ers +170 Sun@11:00a

(201) Arizona Cardinals +1 Sun@11:00a

(199) Houston Texans +7 Sun@11:00a

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