Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mid Season Overall Review

I am going through a review of the bets made over the past 8 weeks and wanted to post some information. As you can see I have had the most success in O/U and I will continue to bet these games when I see a big discrepancy between my estimates and the line. The Ravens have played better than most predictions and I have been a big fan so there is no shock that I am doing well on their games. I can't easily explain the success with Browns and Vikings picks. The Dolphins are another team playing better than early season predictions. Obviously, a major problem are Colts, Giants, Raiders and Titan games (3-17). With the Titans that means I have bet against them 4 times since they are undefeated ATS. The Colts have not lived up to expectations. I guess the question is, should I just stop betting on all 4 of these teams? As I have said in past posts I am going to be against the Titans because they have done so well ATS and need to revert to a mean (even if its 3-5 over the next 8 weeks ATS). I am open to thought on what to do with the three other teams.

Win Loss Push
Overall Record 33 43 4
Over/Under 5 4 1
ATS 28 39 3
Ravens Total 5 1 1
Browns Total 4 1 0
Vikings Total 4 1 0
Dolphins Total 4 2 0
Colts Total 1 4 0
Giants Total 1 4 0
Raiders Total 1 5 0
Titans Total 0 4 1

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