Monday, October 6, 2008

Week 5 NFL Review

Before this week, I was joking that my results were at least better than the stock market. I than went on to have my own crash. Much like Jesse Livermore its time to rebuild my fortune. I could blame it on injuries: Griese, Edwards and Chambers. I could blame it on two teams not even showing up and having their starting QBs pulled: Lions and Seahawks. Or a really crappy call on roughing the passer that gave the Titans the win.

Some of these excuses may be reasonable but the truth is the whole point of betting on multiple games was suppose to spread these risks out. Just like securitizing mortgages was suppose to spread the risk out. The problem is crappy picks are crappy picks and thats what it comes down to. When you have a week as bad as this one, I am a true believer of just burning the tape and going at it next week. It may also pay for everyone else to do the exact opposite of what I say.

(408) Baltimore Ravens +3 (-125) Sun@11:00a Push
(409) Chargers vs. (410) Dolphins Over 45 (-105) Sun@11:00a Loss
(415) Bears vs. (416) Lions Over 45½ Sun@11:00a Loss
(419) Seattle Seahawks +7½ (-130) Sun@11:00a Loss
(421) Tampa Bay Buccaneers +170 Sun@2:05p Loss
(424) San Francisco 49ers +150 Sun@2:15p Loss
(425) Buffalo Bills +1½ Sun@2:15p

Record: 0-6-1
Weekly Return: -85.42%
Cumulative Return: -87.4%

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