Monday, November 10, 2008

Week 10 Review

Every degenerate gambler has that moment. After a loss, hoping that they picked the wrong team or didn't remember the line the right way. Today, I had that one in a million moment. I would have gone 3-4 because of a late added bet on the Lions. The Jaguars might have their team issues but the Lions were starting a QB who just started playing that week and hasn't been good in four years. Imagine my surprise when I realized I set all the bets but never put them through. To make things even better I got a bonus earlier in the week for betting so many games. The bonus gave me a 76.7% return for the week. The high number says less about the bonus and more about how bad things had become. I know there has been some confusion on the cumulative return. That return is based on a one time investment on week one, say $100. That $100 is only worth $19.20 now.

Record: 0-0
Weekly Return: 76.7%
Cumulative Return: -80.8%

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