Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 11 Live Blog

We are going to give this a shot today. It's already a great start to the day, I get the pleasure of watching two games at 12 o'clock. I get the Bears game and the Colts game. I took the Texans as my only underdog of the 12 o'clock games and I am giving 8.5 points.

12:03 - The Texans start off well returning the ball to the 45 and than getting a penalty putting them at their 20 and reminding me Ronsenfuls is starting

12:04 - Announcers say Slaton has dead legs, he than run for 9 yards and I remember its the Colts defense

12:06 - The Bears and Colts are battling for the worse run defense I have ever seen, Grant 35 yard run

12:09 - The Texans pass on 3rd and 1 in the red zone, even though they have been running through the Colts. Needless to say, they get 3 points out of the drive.

12:12 - The Colts return the kickoff to midfield and unlike the Texans they don't have a penalty

12:16 - The Lions score a TD with a pass to Megatron, not a good sign for giving 14.5

12:19 - Back to back dropped passes from Clark and Wayne give the Colts a FG attempt

12:25 - K.Walter open for about a 60 yard pass play, the Colts defense was completely fooled on PA

12:27 - The Chiefs get a TD but that game is a long way from 51 points and Rosenfuls gets sacked in the red zone as the Colts continue to play well.

End of First Quarter Review
(407) Houston Texans +8½ Sun@12:00p WINNING
(413) Philadelphia Eagles -9½ (-105) Sun@12:00p LOSING
(415) New Orleans Saints vs. (416) Kansas City Chiefs Over 50½ Sun@12:00p NOT ON PACE
(418) Carolina Panthers -14½ (-105) Sun@12:00p LOSING
(420) Tampa Bay Buccaneers -4½ (-105) Sun@12:00p LOSING BUT GAME IS TIED

Currently 1-4 with the Eagles not playing well at all against the Bengals, no points. The Saints and Chiefs not scoring at all. The Panthers struggling but at least Tampa Bay is within striking distance.

12:41 - The Bengals are about to score a touchdown on the one yard line to put pressure on the Eagles game, the Colts continue to drop passes left and right to help that game.

12:41 - The Bengals only get 3 points and the Saints add 3 points. The Bengals was a great outcome but I need the Saints and Chiefs to start putting up TD's to get to 51.

12:48 - The Lions get a FG and the Panthers continue to suck, the Vikings are in the red zone and the Texans can't get a third and short. Nothing seems to be going right today.

12:54 - The Saints get a TD and Carolina gets into the red zone, both encouraging developments.

12:56 - The good news is the Panthers score a TD, the bad news is they are down 3 points to the Lions when I am giving 14.5.

1:00 - Texans get a nice punt return into the Colts territory, the Colts continue to look horrible, would be nice to see the Texans get a TD out of this drive.

1:04 - The Chiefs are first and goal at the one and the Texans are first and goal at the two. Two touchdowns would be huge here.

1:09 - DeAngelo Williams just had a 56 yard TD run but that just ties the game against the Lions. I find it hard to believe that Culpepper can continue playing without making a mistake, so a high scoring game is what I have to hope for now.

1:11 - The Chiefs are unable to pound the ball in and have to get a field goal, that game is at 20 and I need 51, five touchdowns is a lot to ask at this point, not looking good.

1:18 - The Colts are trying to move down the field against the Texans, realizing they still have a no-huddle passing attack in the playbook, it must be far in the back.

1:21 - The Colts run out of time in the drive and have to try the FG and they make it

End of the first half update:
(407) Houston Texans +8½ Sun@12:00p WINNING
(413) Philadelphia Eagles -9½ (-105) Sun@12:00p LOSING BADLY THE EAGLES ARE DOWN 10 POINTS
(415) New Orleans Saints vs. (416) Kansas City Chiefs Over 50½ Sun@12:00p NOT ON PACE BUT CLOSE, THEY ARE ON PACE FOR 46 POINTS, NEED FOUR TOUCHDOWNS IN THE SECOND HALF
(418) Carolina Panthers -14½ (-105) Sun@12:00p NOT ON PACE WITH THE PANTHERS UP ONLY FIVE POINTS
(420) Tampa Bay Buccaneers -4½ (-105) Sun@12:00p LOSING TAMPA BAY DOWN 7 AT HALF

Record: 1-4

Everyone is in striking distance and a few breaks could pull out a few games, but things are looking bleak now.

1:44 - The Cols are driving, I guess they found out they are allowed to pass the ball during the whole game and not the final two minutes. At some point, you just have to abandon the run instead of wasting plays.

1:46 - The Saints get into the Chiefs territory to start the half, but still four touchdowns is a lot of touchdowns.

1:48 - The Saints get a 47 yd TD throw from Brees, making it a more manageable three TD's the rest of the game. Manning finds a wide open Addai for a TD, putting the pressure on the Texans offense, thats not a good thing.

1:52 - The Panthers get in the red zone where a TD would give them a 15 point lead which would cover their 14.5 points.

1:54 - Steve Slaton gives me a double bonus on that 70 yard TD run, yes I have him on a fantasy football team. The Texans making this game a lot more exciting than the Bears beatdown.

1:55 - The Panthers have to settle for a FG, putting them up 11, but hopefully putting pressure on Culpepper to throw the ball.

1:57 - The good news is the Chiefs are at first and goal the bad news from the 18 yard line, FG's will not help, I need TD's.

2:00 - The Saints pick up a penalty giving the Chiefs a first down and the ball on the 3 yard line.

2:02 - The Colts score again and the Chiefs continue to suck from within 5 yards of the goal line

2:04 - The Lions make it an 8 point game and the Eagles are down 3.

2:05 - The Chiefs have to settle for 3 points which does nothing to help me, still need 3 TDs

2:06 - The Tampa Bay game is tied but the Vikings are at midfield.

2:12 - The Saints keep up their end of the bargain scoring another TD and hopefully forcing the Chiefs to throw, which should lead to big plays either for their offense or the Saints defense.

End of Third Quarter Update
(407) Houston Texans +8½ Sun@12:00p WINNING BUT BARELY
(413) Philadelphia Eagles -9½ (-105) Sun@12:00p LOSING I NEED THE EAGLES TO SCORE TWO STRAIGHT TDS
(415) New Orleans Saints vs. (416) Kansas City Chiefs Over 50½ Sun@12:00p THIS IS TO CLOSE TO CALL WITH THE GAME AT 40 AT THE END OF THE 3RD
(418) Carolina Panthers -14½ (-105) Sun@12:00p LOSING WITH THE PANTHERS NEEDING ONE TD
(420) Tampa Bay Buccaneers -4½ (-105) Sun@12:00p LOSING THE GAME IS TIED I NEED TB TO TAKE OVER AND SCORE A TD

Record: 1-3-1
Every game is close and I could go 0-5 or 5-0 with a lot of football left to play

2:29 - The Texans are in the red zone with a first down, a TD here would be huge and of course put them bad in the covering category

2:33 - Ahman Green, from Nebraska, helping the cause, well except killing me on Slaton's touchdowns but the game has been great.

2:35 - Tampa Bay has taken a 3 point lead with only five minutes left, its not a good sign because I need them to score another touchdown.

2:41 - Tampa Bay is in the red zone and even a field goal would be huge, the problem is the Colts are driving.

2:42 - The Saints Chiefs game is at 47 points, still need one more TD to get the over, almost 10 minutes left in the game. I really need the Texans to hold the Colts to a FG.

2:44 - Detriot scores all but assuring the Panthers won't cover

2:45 - Another reason to hate FOX TV, the Bears are down 31 points and have their back-up QB in. Why not change it to another game that is close, don't they realize most people are just switching to CBS?

2:47- Tampa Bay goes up 6 and the Colts are challenging the spot on a catch which is huge. If the Colts win they get a new set of downs, if not they are probably going to kick a FG and only go up 6 points.

2:51 - Colts first down, thats not good at all. The hope here is they run for a first down and than just run the clock out.

2:52 - The Eagles game looks like a loss with it tied at 13 with less than 3 minutes left, thanks for not showing up Eagles, I hope you lose.

2:53 - Two minutes left in the Colts game, it will be third down and the Texans have no timeouts left. The move is probably to run the ball and let 40 seconds go off the clock and than take the 3 points. Or do you try for a TD to ice the game. Even if you go up 6 points you need your defense to actually stop the Texans.

2:54 - DeAngelo Williams scores another rushing TD giving the Panthers a nine point lead, I need a Culpepper pick 6 miracle, but its the Lions so it could happen.

2:56 - Why I never think of Dungy as a top head coach, he calls a 3 yard pass, even if Clark catches the ball he isn't going to get the first on that route. Why not run the ball and take off 40 seconds. The Colts deserve to lose this game.

2:57 - The Saints kick a FG making it a 50 point game which sucks since we have 50.5. Just over 3 minutes left in the game, not looking good for the over.

3:00 - The Panthers have first down on the Lions 38 yard line a TD would cover the spread.

3:01 - The Colts get an interception and thankfully after the interception the Colts play falls to ground. 1-0

3:03 - Tampa Bay is in operation kneel down which is a good sign. The Saints have the ball which is a horrible sign. The Panthers are trying to pass so a score is a small possibility. The Eagles game is going to be a loss. Record 1-1

3:05 - Tampa Bay gets the win and the cover. 2-1

3:06 - The Saints are in operation kneel down and this is going to be a tough 1/2th point loss. Its amazing how close vegas can get on the line.

3:07 - The Lions have the ball so the only chance is a interception by Culpepper, well any turnover from the Lions that would lead to a defense TD.

3:08 - The Chiefs Saints game is over. 2-2

3:12 - The Panthers refuse to run up the score and another loss. 2-3 The good news was the win on Thursday night so overall 3-3.

Two late games with the Jaguars getting 3 points against the Titans and the Cardinals giving 3 points to the 49ers. I hope someone enjoyed the live blog and I am calling it quits for the day after all the typing. I need a break and I love that because of NFL rules they have to leave an overtime game. Thats the dumbest rule I have ever seen, it serves no purpose. Even worse, Fox paid 8 billion dollars for the right to televise NFL games and than they don't have an afternoon game. No wonder why their stock is tanking.

Record early game: 2-3
Record in week 11: 3-3

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Brian said...

A herculean effort - tho it does show that games turn on you later, both positively and negatively.

I still thinking you're missing the boat betting so few games - how is this not exactly what you said you'd avoid after last year?

We're going to have to have a long talk this off-season.

As for your rant about NFL broadcasting, I couldn't agree more. They should NEVER go away from overtime games unless your home market team has a game starting. Furthermore, OT games should go on forever - that's just the best football watching you can ask for.

And there should be two games at all times. In fact, it's time the NFL figures out the old system of AFC/NFC is based on nothing and break the broadcast rights down even further. Give me three games both early and late on Sunday. Combined with the 3 national games, that gives me 9 of the 16 games each week.

Could someone explain why giving your audience as much as they can handle is a bad thing?