Sunday, November 30, 2008

Week 13 Results

Thursday's games were tough, with the better teams just pouring it on. I went 1-2 but Sunday provided a much better result. In fact, the Colts and Bears had something in common. The only two teams for me not to cover. An absolute great week that pushes me over .500 on the year. I have also decided that next year I will be making two deposits. One before the season and than one in week 8. I seem to be getting in a groove these last few weeks as it is becoming obvious who the better teams are. Excluding the Colts who continue to be Jekyll and Hyde all season. One problem I am noticing with them is they aren't taking many shots downfield. I think this is due to their offensive line struggles and it forces them to complete short passes and be perfect on every drive. Sunday, they looked like a .500 team that has caught a few lucky breaks. I also added another great website, Kissing Suzy Kolber, that I have received some traffic from. If you are looking to kill some time I would suggest checking out all the blogs I have linked to.

(305) Tennessee Titans -11½ (-105) Thu@11:30a Win
(391) San Francisco 49ers +7 (-115) Sun@12:00p Win
(393) New Orleans Saints +4 (-105) Sun@12:00p Win
(395) Carolina Panthers +3 (-115) Sun@12:00p Win
(397) New York Giants -4 Sun@12:00p Win
(399) Miami Dolphins vs. (400) St. Louis Rams Under 44 Sun@12:00p Win
(401) Baltimore Ravens -7 (-120) Sun@12:00p Win
(405) Atlanta Falcons +5 Sun@3:05p Win
(407) Pittsburgh Steelers +1 Sun@3:15p Win
(307) Seattle Seahawks +13 (-115) Thu@3:15p Loss
(309) Arizona Cardinals +3 (-125) Thu@7:15p Loss
(403) Indianapolis Colts -6 (-105) Sun@12:00p Loss
(411) Chicago Bears +150 Sun@7:15p Loss

Record: 9-4
Overall Record: 60-57-4
Weekly Return: 35.67%
Cumulative Return: -69.2%

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