Monday, November 3, 2008

Week 9 Review

It was a disappointing weekend for the website, the poll I posted only got two votes and one of them was mine, so I decided not to bet on the game. That was a shame because I was going to go with the Chiefs, I just didn't see Tampa Bay beating anyone by double digits. Fortunately, despite poor reader interaction I had my best week of the season. The amazing part of the week was after halftime of the first games I was staring 1-4 in the face. Its now two weeks under the revised system and the results are promising so far. This week I went 7-2 with a 49.93% return for the week. Over the last two weeks I am 12-5-1 with a cumulative return of 76.84%. So hopefully, someone decided two weeks ago to follow my moves, after doing the exact opposite the first 8 weeks.

(401) Jacksonville Jaguars vs. (402) Bengals Over 39½ Sun@12:00p Win
(405) Baltimore Ravens +2 (-105) Sun@12:00p Win
(407) New York Jets vs. (408) Buffalo Bills Over 42 Sun@12:00p Win
(413) Green Bay Packers +4½ (-115) Sun@12:00p Win
(415) Miami Dolphins +3½ (-105) Sun@3:05p Win
(417) Atlanta Falcons -3 (EVEN) Sun@3:15p Win
(423) New England Patriots +6½ Sun@7:15p Win
(399) Houston Texans +190 Sun@12:00p Loss
(421) Philadelphia Eagles vs. (422) Seattle Seahawks Over 43 Sun@3:15p Loss

Record: 7-2
Weekly Return: 49.93%
Cumulative Return: -90.02%


Brian said...

How come your cumulative isn't improving after two amazing weeks?

And I'm looking for one more good one before I chalk this up to random ebb and flow. If you come thru next week, I'm gonna want a nice breakdown of what you've been doing so differently, cause it's not clear right now.

CubsDynasty said...

The easiest way to explain the cumulative loss is looking at is if you had $100. If you lose 50% of that its down to $50. You then need a 100% return just to get back to even. Damn you math! So when you go 0-6-1 and lose almost 90% you need to constantly go perfect for a number of weeks just to get back to where you started. I still heavily use the averages per play but now I have a create a list of how every team ranks instead of knowing where the relatively ranked in my head. So I know the top 5 pass defenses per attempt, etc. It seems to put things in better perspective.